Kopenhagen Collection

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Solid wood of varied finishes and colors, represent the main trump card of the Kopenhagen Collection. Modern design, high quality materials, first class workmanship, stable construction and easy maintenance make this collection extremely attractive.
The entire Kopenhagen collection is made of solid wood which makes it very stable and durable.
The Kopenhagen Collection consists of various cabinets, shelves, dressers and TV tables. On high cabinets there is a choice of which side will be positioned door or glass.
All drawers and cabinets in this collection are equipped with a soft-close function to avoid slamming with the cabinets and drawers, thus extending the life of the cabinet.
The entire Copenhagen Collection, coated with a special type of oil, used for superior wood protection, is made of solid wood and can be selected from 3 types of wood:
• Kerneech oiled
• Oak nature oiled
• Oak bianco oiled
Each piece of this collection can be ordered individually or in several pieces.


Kopenhagen wall shelf cube (45x45x25cm)
Kopenhagen wall shelf small(113x20x17cm)
Kopenhagen wall shelf large(160x20x17cm)
Kopenhagen Lowboard 1 (114x48x47cm)
Kopenhagen Lowboard 2 (164x48x47cm)
Kopenhagen Lowboard 3 (182x48x47cm)
Kopenhagen Lowboard 4 (182x64x47cm)
Kopenhagen Sideboard 1(158x84x40cm)
Kopenhagen Sideboard 2(182x84x40cm)
Kopenhagen Sideboard 3(126x84x40cm)
Kopenhagen Showcase Cabinet L/R (101x136x40cm)
Kopenhagen Cabinet(101x136x40cm)
Kopenhagen Highboard (158x136x40)
Kopenhagen Single Showcase Narrow (63x196x40cm)
Kopenhagen Single Showcase Large (101x196x40cm)
Kopenhagen Hanging Cabinet Wide (101x92x40cm)
Kopenhagen Hanging Cabinet Narrow (63x92x40cm)