Nizza Collection

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First-class workmanship, stable construction and light maintenance are just some of the assets of the Nizza collection.
Its modern design is the perfect solution for your space.
The collection consists of different cabinets, shelves, dressers and TV tables.
The entire collection is made of solid wood giving it stability and durability.
The choice of 4 types of wood:
• Kernbeech oiled
• Oak nature oiled
• Oak bianco oiled
• Oak rustic nature oiled
Oak rustic oiled is made so that the branches, holes and cracks of the tree can be seen accurately.
Each piece of this collection can be ordered individually or in several pieces.


Nizza Wall Shelf Small (127x20x17cm)
Nizza Wall Shelf Large (190x20x17cm)
Nizza Lowboard 1 (127x48x47)
Nizza Lowboard 2 (190x48x47)
Nizza Sideboard 1 (127×84,3x40cm)
Nizza Sideboard 3 (190,5×84,3x40cm)
Nizza Sideboard 4 (165,2×84,3x40cm)
Nizza Showcase 1 Glass Door L/R (101,7x136x40cm)
Nizza Highboard 1 (139,9x136x40cm)
Nizza Highboard 2 (190,5x136x40cm)
Nizza Showcase Large Glass Door L/R (101,7x196x40cm)
Nizza Showcase 1 Glass Door L/R (101,7x136x40cm)
Nizza Single Showcase Narrow 3 (63,5x196x40cm)
Nizza hanging Cabinet Wide Glass(101x115x40cm)
Nizza Hanging Cupboard Narrow (38x147x40)