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9th November 2019
9th November 2019


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The Anda bed is a sturdy, high quality handmade bed made of first-class solid wood that fits perfectly into any contemporary, functionally decorated bedroom.
It is available in 2 sizes:
• 200 x 160 cm
• 200 x 180 cm
The construction of the bed can be obtained in two types of wood, namely, Oak and Walnut.
The wooden part is coated with a special type of oil used for superior wood protection. Here you can choose between Natural Oiled Oak, White Oiled Oak and Natural Oiled Walnut.

  • American walnut nature oiled
  • European walnut nature oiled
  • Oak bianco oiled
  • Oak nature oiled
  • L/B 200x160cm
  • L/B 200x180cm
  • L/B 200x200cm
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