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About Us

We are aware that nowdays it is difficult to get quality at a good price to the satisfaction of customers, so, for these reasons, the company “Libra Logistics” was founded, which puts product quality and your wishes first. Libra Logistics doo based in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), is focused on the manfucaturing and export of all types of furniture, intended for various purposes (bedroom, living room, dining room, accessories), primarily for the Scandinavian market.

We enter the Scandinavian market as an active partner for numerous medium and high-end furniture brands and responsibly take on a role in several functions such as project development of existing and new products, product quality control, and production facilities.

We also offer logistics solutions by offering EX Works and DAP solutions.


In the production processes, we work with different materials, from solid wood, core material (plywood, MDF / HDF, particleboard), glass, metal, natural stone and all the way to veneer, laminate, linoleum, leather and textile.


To more successfully implement projects, we dynamically cooperate with 8 factories that have capacities of 10 – 800 workers and production facilities of 500 – 30 000 m². 

Besides our 8 main factories, we cooperate with several other local manufacturers, depending on the type and size of the project.

Certifications & Standards

In  terms of wood processing, we mainly work with A/A and A/B quality, as well as with companies that have FSC, EUTR, ISO 9001 certificates.

Contact Us

If you are interested in a trustworthy and professional partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina, contact our staff via the following contact information:

  • +387 33 879 562
  • info@libra-logistics.com
  • Maršala Tita 28, 71000 Sarajevo